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Introduction to Mexican Food

Information You Need, Recipes You Want.


Introduction to Mexican Food

Orange-Cilantro Tilapia

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If you are just beginning your foray into Mexican Cuisine, it is important to remember that Mexican food is always evolving. The first staples were corn and beans, and new ingredients and spices have slowly been introduced over the last 600 years to make "Mexican Food" what it is today.

1. Learn about spices
Find out some history of and information on the flavors traditionally used in Mexican Cuisine

2. Learn about ingredients
Find out some history of and information on the ingredients traditionally used in Mexican Cuisine

3. Learn about cooking methods
Find out some history of and information on the cooking methods traditionally used in Mexican Cuisine

4. Try some easy recipes
Test your skills with one of these delicious recipes and you'll be serving up authentic Mexican meals in no time.

5. Sample Mexican menus
If you just need some quick meal ideas for dinner tonight check out these ideas for some authentic dishes to serve.

6.Terms at a glance
If you're unsure what a particular word might mean, check this list for a quick translation.

7. Questions answered
Check out these frequently asked questions and their answers. Or you can just browse through them and learn something new.

8. Shopping list
Take a trip to the store and take this printable list with you. It includes a list of basic items to keep in stock to create most Mexican dishes. However, some recipes may require specialty items, so read through the ingredients needed and add those items to your shopping list.

9. Tips and techniques
From how to fold a burrito to properly handling chile peppers, it is a great reference for beginners.

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