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Mexican Cuisine by Region

Mexican Cuisine by Region



Yucatan Peninsula-
Currently the menus in the Yucatan have much variety with influences from Asian cuisine as well as Arabic cuisine. You will also find a lot of native Mayan ingredients such as chaya, achiote, hard-boiled eggs, turkey, deer and honey. Some examples of Yucatan cuisine include

  • Poc-Chuc, a pork dish with achiote and sour orange.
  • Chiltomate, a sauce made with roasted tomatoes, chiles and onions.
  • Papadzules, which are rolled tortillas stuffed with hard-boiled eggs and topped with a squash seed sauce as well as a tomato sauce.

    Baja California Peninsula-
    This region of Mexico is where the Caesar Salad was born. There are many stories surrounding the salads inception, but the ingredients are always the same. This area has a lot of Spanish influenced food and another dish this area is known for is it's paella. Fresh seafood gives the paella impeccable flavor. Baja California is also Mexico's primary wine growing region icluding Santo Tomas, San Antonio and San Vicente. You'll find Los Cabos on the Baja Peninsula which is where Fish Tacos became famous.

    Northern Mexico
    The traditional dishes of Northern Mexico include many that Mexican cuisine is known for. Items such as large, burrito sized flour tortillas and beef are readily used in this area. Pinto Refried Beans are a popular side dish as well as Spanish rice. Dried meat is common to this area as well as burritos which are not common in the south.

    Southern Mexico
    While Northern Mexico favors beef as the main meat, the south prefers chicken and vegetables. Corn tortillas are a staple to this area and are served at almost every meal. Black bean dishes are also a common find as well as dishes featuring plantains.

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