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Tortilla Press

Perfect tortillas every time!

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Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press

This handy tool will make your tortillas flat and round with no rolling pins or complicated tools. Just add in your ball of tortilla dough and press!

What kind to get?

Tortilla presses were originally made from wood and were heavy and bulky, making them hard to store. They are however very authentic and don't break easily. The cast iron versions are a little smaller and quite heavy. They do a great job though, and are also break-resistant. The newer aluminum versions are very light but they tend to break easily.

How much to pay?

Wooden ones are harder to come by and sometimes hand made. For a standard wood press, expect to pay around $30-$40 USD. For a wooden press made of a specialty wood, or made by hand, expect to pay $45 USD and up. For a standard 6-7 inch cast iron model, you'll be paying around $15-$20. An aluminum model will cost you about the same as a cast iron model.

Make it a gift

Wrap up the press with a bag of masa harina and these instructions for Corn Tortillas so the reciever can begin making tortillas right away!

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