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Top Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving is traditionally North-American, celebrated by stuffing ourselves full of turkey, stuffing and cranberries. Lately there have been culinary trends toward a more ethnic or "themed" menu. Even if you don't re-do your entire menu, putting out some candied pumpkin or starting the meal with some pumpkin chorizo soup may bring some unexpected conversation to your meal. Here are some ideas for a delicious Thanksgiving!

1. Appetizer? Try Pumpkin Soup

Serve up this wonderful creamy soup as a starter or as part of the meal itself. Onion and Mexican chorizo add flavor to this colorful soup.

2. Dinner Rolls? Try Bollilos.

While heating up a bunch of pre-made rolls may seem easy, these delicious bolillos are very simple to make and will taste much better fresh out of the oven than pre-packaged rolls. They are crusty on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside.

3. Green Bean Casserole? Try Chilied Corn.

When you need a change from that green-bean casserole, add this recipe to your Thanksgiving menu for a bold, spicy flavor. Seasoned corn with roasted chiles and fresh serrano chiles will perk up everyones taste buds.

4. Yams? Try Camote.

This sweet potato dish flavored with honey and butter makes a great alternative to your usual yams dish. A sprinkle of cinnamon gives it a little kick too.

5. Cranberry Relish? Try Mango Salsa.

Add some salsa to the table for something new. This sweet, mango version is perfectly paired with the mild flavors of turkey. Skip over the cranberry relish and head for the tropical flavors of this tasty fruit.

6. Apple Pie? Try Capirotada.

This sweet bread pudding is made with raisins, pecans, apples and orange zest combines the flavors of fall into one delicious dish. Who needs apple pie?

7. Pumpkin Pie? Try Candied Pumpkin.

Deliciously sweet with all of the rich flavors of pumpkin you could ever want in a dessert. Slow simmered in piloncillo and orange juice, this sweet pumpkin dish can easily replace any pumpkin pie.
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