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Low-Carb and Mexican Cuisine

Yes, you can still enjoy Mexican food while sticking to your eating plan.


Low-Carb and Mexican Cuisine

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Low-carb diets are a great way to lose some of that extra weight, gain energy and be healthy. When you eat fats and proteins, and limit the carbs, your body burns the fat and protein off as well as extra body fat. Eating low-carb also keeps you fuller longer and you won't feel those usual "hunger pains." Although it may take a few days for your body to get used to it, once it does, you will enjoy this new way of eating.

And you may think Mexican food with all the tortillas, beans and rice are no longer an option with low-carbing. But Mexican food is so much more than beans and rice, there are plenty of options besides them.

Now that you are low-carbing, you may need some ideas on what to do with all the meat, cheese and eggs that are suddenly on your menu. Here are some recipes that are truly Mexican and some ideas on what to order in your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Naturally Low-Carb Recipes -
Recipes whose ingredients are already low-carb.

Recipes Adjusted to Low-Carb-
Recipes whose ingredients are slightly adjusted or need substitutions to become low-carb.

Mexican Restaurants and Low-Carbing-
A list of dishes you can order as well as things to watch out for.

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