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Mexican Beverages

A selection of Mexican beverage recipes.

Chia Fresca
Limonada (lemon and water) with chia seeds make a refreshing drink that also contains protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Jamaica Hibiscus Recipe- Spiced Jamaica Hibiscus
A different take on traditional Jamaica Hibiscus. Flavored with spices to bring out the earthy flavors.

Aqua Fresca
Cool down on a hot summer day with this delicious "fresh water" with fruit.

Chia Fresca con Lima y Menta
Chia Fresca with with chia seeds make a refreshing drink that also contains protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

Agua de Tamarindo- Tamarind Beverage Using Tamarind Pods
Tamarind imparts an earthy and tangy flavor to this traditional beverage. This recipe used the tamarind pods.

Agua Fresca- Jamaica Hibiscus
A refreshing beverage to have any time. It is very simple to make and it can also be served hot.

Tropical Mango Piña Smoothie
This non-alcoholic drink is fun, fruity and tropical.

Virgin Pia Colada
This blended pineapple coconut drink has all of your favorite tropical flavors without the alcohol!

Virgin Pomegranate Sangria
A delicious and refreshing, this unusual version of a Spanish drink is great for kids and anyone who who doesn't consume alcohol.

A lovely Mexican hot chocolate infused with subtle flavors of anise and piloncillo. It is thickened with masa and a special tool called a molinillo is used to add froth.

A perfect drink for the holidays, a Mexican egg-nog.

A thick, warm drink made with masa and sweetened with cinnamon and brown sugar.

A traditional Mexican drink for all ages. A milky looking beverage made with rice and flavored with cinnamon.

Agua de Tamarindo- Tamarind Beverage Using Canned Tamarind
A quick and easy version of this tangy beverage.

Grape Chia Fresca
A refreshing and fruity drink made with grape juice and chia seeds.

Strawberry Chia Fresca
Delicious, refreshing and full of flavor. The chia seeds add extra protein, nutrients and a great texture.

Christmas Fruit Punch
This warm, aromatic beverage warms you from the inside out on those chilly winter nights.

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