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Mexican Sauces

A collection of Mexican sauce recipes.

Ranchero Sauce
A tomato and chile based traditional sauce.

Veracruz Sauce
A delicious and versatile tomato sauce that you can use for chicken or seafood.

Achiote Paste
A paste made from achiote seeds that is used to flavor many Mexican dishes.

A great tasting sauce that goes great with Yucatan dishes. It is made using roasted ingredients rather than raw.

Basic Chile Sauce
A simple recipe for a traditional chile sauce. Use red or green chiles depending on the dish you will be using it in or on.

Adobo Sauce
A great sauce for simmering beef, chicken or pork. Also used to can chipotle chiles.

Mole is a traditional sauce made with many different ingredients including cocoa. It is usually used to simmer chicken in.

Chile Grilling Sauce
A delicious marinade and sauce that you can use on anything from steak to baby back ribs.

Chile Paste
Use this flavorful chile paste in other recipes or as a rub. It can be spicy or mild depending on the chiles you use.

Green Enchilada Sauce
Green Enchilada Sauce

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