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How to Seed and Dice a Jalapeño or Chile


This is a great way to remove the seeds from a jalapeño or chile while minimizing contact with the seeds or having the chile squirt at you while trying to scrape the seeds out.

Slice off the tip

To make the chile more stable while you are cutting it, slice off a small amount of the tip.

Slice off flesh

Insert your knife in the top of the chile, blade down and slice the flesh off of the chile in a downward curve.


Continue to slice the flesh off in downward strokes.

Remove all the flesh

Continue slicing until all of the flesh is removed leaving only the seeds and stem behind.

Prepare chile strips

Lay the chile flesh down in a row.

Slice the chile strips lengthwise

Place the skin side down and slice the strips into match-stick sized pieces.

Slice the strips again

Now slice the strips the opposite way to create little cubes.

Your diced chile is now ready

The chile is now ready to be used in your recipe calling for "seeded and diced" jalapeño or chile.
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