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Rosca de Reyes by El Molino Bakery

Fresh baked and delicious

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Rosca de Reyes by El Molino Bakery

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If you don't have time to bake fresh Rosca de Reyes this holiday season, you can have one delivered right to your door.

What is Rosca de Reyes? It is a ring or wreath shaped bread topped with candied fruit, dried fruit and a crumb topping. A tiny baby Jesus and a king doll are hidden inside the bread. The bread is eaten on January 6th which is the Epiphany when the 3 wise men arrived with gifts for baby Jesus. When the bread is eaten during Epiphany festivities, whoever finds the baby Jesus is supposed to provide the food and drink for the Candlemas festivities.

Rosca de Reyes- "King's Cake"

The bread arrived in a decorative box that was slightly round. Inside was the bread, some information about the bakery and a small baby Jesus doll as well as a king doll. The dolls come with instructions to insert them into the bottom of the bread.

The bread itself is a nice, large size and is nicely decorated with candied fruit, and cherries and it is moist and sweet. Inside are more cherries and a few raisins. The fruit is very subtle, not overpowering at all. The quality of the bread is outstanding and I would serve this to guests any time. I enjoyed it as a light sweet after dinner and again with some Atole in the morning.

About El Molino Bakery

This information is provided by the company- El Molino bakery in Mexico was established over 75 years ago with bakeries in several cities around Mexico. Their quality products and excellent service have been proudly preferred among their Mexican clientele. Their breads and cakes are prepared with the traditional recipes and finest ingredients.
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