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Side Dishes

A selection of Mexican side dish recipes to pair with your main dish for a great Mexican meal.

Top Mexican Rice Recipes
Learn how to make Mexican rice with different flavors to go with various main dishes.

Refried Black Beans with Jalapeno
A delicious alternative to traditional refried beans.

Rajas con Ajo
A flavorful side dish or filling made by cooking roasted green chiles, garlic and onions in heavy cream.

Calabaza En Tacha- Candied Pumpkin
Pumpkin simmered in piloncillo (a Mexican sugar) is sweet and delicious. Calabaza en tacha also makes a great alternative to sweet yams.

History of Spanish Rice (Mexican Rice)
Everything you need to know about this popular Mexican side dish.

How to make Rajas- Green Chile and Onion
A step-by-step guide on how to make rajas, a delicious dish of green onions and chiles.

Rajas made with Poblanos and White Onion
A rich and savory side dish made by cooking roasted green chiles and onions in heavy cream.

Mexican Rice with Lime
Mexican Rice is a wonderful side dish for your favorite Mexican meal, and this recipe has a touch of lime juice to add a refreshing and tangy flavor.

Spicy Mexican Rice
This rice is hot and spicy and will add a kick to your meal.

Mexican Rice with Roasted Green Chiles
Flavorful and zesty this Mexican rice recipe makes the perfect side dish to your favorite meal.

Esquites- A Classic Recipe for Corn
A delicious recipe for a classic Mexican corn dish. Made with fresh corn and butter, you can't beat the simplicity.

Mexican Rice with Roasted Tomatoes
A delicious and flavorful side dish perfect to accompany any Mexican beef dish.

Pinto Beans- A Basic Recipe
Pinto beans are a delicious and hearty side dish that goes perfectly with Northern Mexican dishes where the pinto bean is very popular.

A delicious Mexican sweet potato dish made with honey and butter.

Black Beans with Cumin and Piloncillo
This slightly sweet and flavorful black beans are the perfect side to any Mexican meal.

Pickled Onions and Jalapenos
A flavorful dish to serve as an accompaniment to your main dish.

Spicy Pickled Carrots
These are just like the ones they serve at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Adjust the amount of jalapenos to change the heat level.

Mexican White Rice
This recipe imparts flavor and aroma to plain white rice. The optional addition of vegetables makes it even more flavorful.

Arroz con Frijoles Negro- Black Beans and Rice
A lovely combination of your two favorite Mexican staples, black beans and rice. When combined together, they each bring out eachothers flavors.

Jalapeno Refried Black Beans
For a quick version, use canned beans. For the more flavorful version, cook your own beans first, then use them in this recipe.

Arroz Rojo
A flavorful rice dish made with red chiles and garlic.

Black Beans
An alternative to refried beans. Makes a great side dish or a meal.

Refried Beans
A great companion to any Mexican entree. Learn how to make them with this easy recipe.

Chilied Corn
A simple recipe that you can serve with dinner tonight. Change the way you make corn.

Grilled Onions and Peppers
Great as a topper for fajita's or as a side dish for chicken. Easy to make and great tasting.

Easy Spanish Rice
This is so easy to make, you'll wonder how you ever made tacos without this savory side dish.

Grilled Cactus
A deliciously different side dish made with the popular Opuntia cactus.

Grilled Cactus
A deliciously different side dish made with the popular Opuntia cactus.

Grilled Cactus
A deliciously different side dish made with the popular Opuntia cactus.

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