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How to Reduce a Chile's Heat

Some tips to help you remove some heat from your chiles.


How to Reduce a Chile's Heat

Inside of a Red Chile

You may crave that chile flavor, but the heat may be overpowering. Here's a few tips that may help.
  • Remove the seeds
    The top of the seed cluster near the stem contains the majority of the capsaicin, which is what creates the heat. By cutting the top of the chile off, and removing the seeds, you remove some of the heat.

  • Remove the ribs
    The seed clusters attach to the inner part of the chile with white ribs, which also contain some capsaicin. By removing them, you remove more heat.

  • Remove the inner layer of flesh
    The rest of the capsaicin is in the flesh. However it is concentrated in the innermost layer. If you slice the top and bottom off, then slice down one side, you can flatten in out with your fingers. Make sure the chile is skin side down and slide a knife just under the innermost flesh cutting off the ribs and a thin layer of flesh. You will be left with a thin piece of a much milder chile.
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