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How to Make Salsa


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Prepare the Jalapeños or Serrano (chiles)
Chopping jalapenos
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Briefly rinse the chile under cold water to clean it and then pat it dry. Seed and Dice the chile and add it to the bowl. You can also roast the chiles for a smokier flavor. Use one jalapeño for mild salsa or 2-3 jalapeños for a spicier salsa. You can also use one serrano chile for every 3 jalapenos. For hot salsa, use 5 jalapenos or 2-3 serrano chiles. For extra hot salsa, use one habanero. For mild chile, use an Anaheim chile or a Poblano. They are large chiles, so you may only need half. Here is a Guide to Green Chiles if you need help selecting one.
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