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Sugar Skulls Photo Gallery

Take a look at this collection of fun and festive skulls for "Day of the Dead"


How do you make Sugar Skulls?
Learn how to make your own Sugar Skulls with these step-by-step instructions that have a picture for each step. They do take some planning because you will need to purchase the supplies and then after you mold the sugar, it takes a day to dry before you can decorate them. If you need some supplies, Reign Trading Co is a great source.

What are Sugar Skulls?
Sugar skulls are traditional Mexican folk art used to decorate and hand out during "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) Festivities.

Have you made Sugar Skulls?
Please e-mail your Sugar Skull pictures to me at mexicanfood@aboutguide.com so I can add them to the gallery.

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Large Sugar SkullSmall Sugar SkullsSugar SkullsCascade of Skulls
Festive SkullsSombrero Sugar SkullSugar SkullsThree Decorated Sugar SkullsSmall Skull
Pre-made Sugar SkullSugar Skulls made by Readers Elvira and DorisSome creative Sugar Skulls made by readers Elvira and DorisNovios Skulls
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