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Sugar Skulls made by Readers Elvira and Doris

Reader Submitted Sugar Skulls


Elvira and Doris had a blast decorating these skulls!
Sugar Skulls made by Readers Elvira and Doris

Sugar Skulls by Elvira and Doris

These skulls were submitted by a reader who sent me this great e-mail.
Chelsie, Just went into your website and found the great step by step recipe in making Sugar Skulls. My friend Doris Evans and I (Elvira Arnberger) made some. It was my first time in making them. We had a blast with one another making them.
Thanks! Elvira

Learn how to make your own Sugar Skulls with these step-by-step instructions.These skulls are traditional Mexican folk art used to decorate and hand out during "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead) Festivities.

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