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Top 6 Top New Years Drinks


Need some fabulous drinks to serve to your guests at your New Year's bash? Check out these favorites.

1. Lime Margaritas

This classic Mexican beverage is the perfect showcase for your favorite tequila. Don't bother with that bottle of Margarita mix, use fresh limes for the best flavor.

2. Waborita

A fun twist on an old classic. This recipe also uses fresh limes but flavors it with cointreau and premium Cabo-Wabo tequila.

3. Tequila Twist

Tequila and citrus are a perfect match. Try these shots served a frosted shot glass rimmed with sugar and garnished with a strawberry. Instructions inside.

4. Tequila Fuego

This super-spicy tequila shot will wake you up and energize your taste buds. Make it with Tabasco sauce or Tapatia (or something even hotter like Dave's Insanity Sauce) and jalapeno.

5. Sangrita

If you have a super-premium bottle of tequila, you may want to enjoy it by the sip intead of mixing it into a drink. Make up a batch of sangrita to sip between the tequila.

6. Michelada

This refreshing beer "cocktail" is a savory alternative to fruity drinks. The contrasting flavors of beer, salt, lime and chile sauce liven up an otherwise boring brew.
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