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Great Gift Ideas


These gifts are perfect for any aspiring chef. Click on the item for more detail and to check out the "Make it a Gift" suggestions to complete the experience. Happy holiday shopping!

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1. Tortilla Lovers Gift Pack

This gift pack includes everything you need to make authentic corn tortillas in your own kitchen. Just add water!

2. Tamale Lovers Gift Pack

A great gift for the cook who loves Mexican food and wants to learn how to make tamales.

3. Molcajete- Mortar and Pestle

A traditional tool made of volcanic rock and used to grind ingredients for authentic flavors.

4. Olla- Clay Bean Pot

The only way to make authentic beans is in a clay pot. They can be decorative as well as useful in the kitchen.

5. Mexican Herbs and Spices

A great way to start cooking Mexican food is with these assorted herbs and spices. From unusual chiles to cumin you will find it all in this gift pack.

6. Comal

A flat, cast-iron griddle type of pan that is perfect for cooking and re-heating tortillas, as well as being essential for steaks and fajitas.

7. Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless

A great cookbook full of recipes and beautiful color photos of ingredients, techniques and finished dishes. The recipes are quick, easy and on the table in 30-minutes or less. Perfect for the beginner cook.

8. Tamale Steamer

A useful tool for any kitchen. Steamers can be used for many things besides tamales so they are also veratile. No kitchen is complete without one.

9. Tortilla Press

Many Mexican dishes require tortillas and with this press they can easily be made fresh for the meal instead of using store-bought versions. Read the review to find out more about this gift idea.

10. Essential Cuisines of Mexico by Diana Kennedy

A great cookbook for the intermediate chef with a myriad of authentic recipes to please any palate. Easy to follow directions ensure a great result for every recipe. Read the review to find out more about this gift idea.
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