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Mexican Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Easy Spanish Rice
Fabulous recipe for Mexican Rice. Easy to follow instructions get you great results.
The Easiest Enchilada Recipe
What a great way to bring a little taste of Mexico to your table. This recipe for enchiladas is simple and can be on the table in 30 minutes! Come find out how easy enchilada's can be!
5-Ingredient Homemade Flan
This simple flan recipe is a great end to any meal. The creamy caramel sauce over the silky custard is a real treat.
Quick Basic Salsa
A great basic salsa for any occasion. Wonderful on tacos, in burritos or with your favorite tortilla chips.
Basic Tres Leches Cake
"Pastel de Tres Leches" or "Tres Leches Cake" is named for the three milks in the soaking liquid (Leche
How To Make Chile Relleno
All the tips you need to make a delicious Chile Relleno.
How to Make Enchiladas Step-By-Step with Pictures
Learn to make enchiladas with pictures to show you how.
Traditional Molé
Mole is a traditional sauce made with a lot of different ingredients. It is usually used to simmer chicken in.
Shrimp Ceviche
Wonderful recipe for a shrimp ceviche inspired by Puero Vallarta. Make this for your next fiesta or for a snack. And it's low-fat too!
"Enchiladas Verde" or Green Enchiladas with...
A tangy verde chile sauce is used to coat the tortillas and add a great flavor to this dish and cheese adds more flavor and texture.
Refried beans
A great companion to any Mexican entree- refried beans. Learn how to make them with this easy recipe.
Salsa Verde
A tangy, mild salsa with tons of flavor. Great wherever you may use salsa such as tacos, corn chips or burritos. It also makes a zesty low-fat salad dressing.
How do I heat up tortillas like restaurants do?...
A frequently asked question about how to heat tortillas without making them stiff and dry. Check out the answer for softer tortillas.
A translation and definition of this cooking term
40 Minutes to Traditional Carne Asada Tacos
A wonderful, traditional taco made with carne asada and corn tortillas. The tortillas are not fried, just warmed.
Learn how to make tamales from start to finish. Recipes for dough, suggested fillings and how to wrap and cook them.
Birria Family Recipe
Bring the taste of authentic Mexico to your table tonight with this recipe for birria. You can use pork, beef, goat or lamb.
Spicy Pickled Carrots
These are just like the ones they serve at your favorite Mexican restaurant. Adjust the amount of jalapenos to change the heat level.
Easy Chile Colorado
A delicious stew of beef and dried red chiles.
Ranchero Sauce
A tomato and chile based traditional sauce.
Chile Verde
A authentic stew made with tomatillos and green chiles. Serve on a chilly day to warm up.
Huevos Rancheros
A hearty, satisfying breakfast of eggs, salsa and corn tortillas.
Slow Cooker Chile Verde- Green Chile and Pork...
This delicious chile verde (green chile stew) cooks up easily in your slow cooker.
Agua Fresca- Jamaica Hibiscus
A refreshing beverage to have any time. It is very simple to make and it can also be served hot.
Types of Green Chiles
A guide to the most popular varieties of green chiles with descriptions and recipes.
Tamale Dough using Masa Harina
A great, easy and fun recipe for tamale dough. Also find a great selection of tamale filling ideas.
Savory Sopes
This recipe for little masa patties topped with a choice of fillings make a great meal, snack or appetizer.
Basic Chilaquiles
This simple breakfast dish makes great use of old and stale tortilla chips.
How to Make Fresh Salsa, Step-by-Step
Making salsa at home is easy! Follow these simple steps to make your own. Page 6.
Spanish Rice
Learn to make Spanish Rice with a step-by-step tutorial with pictures.
Is it a Flauta or a Taquito?
How do you tell the difference between a Flauta and a Taquito?
Top 10 Green Chile Recipes
A wonderful selection of recipes to use green chiles in.
Beef Empanada Filling
This flavorful, authentic filling makes wonderful empanadas. Try this recipe for a great meal or snack.
Burrito Fillings
Can't figure out what to put in your burrito? Try one of these combinations for a great result every time.
The Flavors of Mexico
Learn about the essential spices and flavoring used when cooking Mexican cuisine. From Oregano to cocoa learn how these seasonings are used.
Making Chile Rellenos Step-By-Step with Pictures
In-depth, step-by-step instructions for how to make chile rellenos.
This light broth with meatballs and veggies makes a great meal with some flour tortillas on the side.
Mexican Menu Ideas
Don't bother mixing and matching. Find everything you need from starters to desserts in this choice of Mexican Menus.
Arroz con Leche- A Mexican Rice Pudding
A sweet rice dessert flavored with cinnamon and raisins.
Chile Relleno con Queso y Pollo- Green Chiles...
This main dish is the perfect combination of green chile flavor and the smooth texture of the creamy filling.
Michelada- Mexican Beer Cocktail
A Mexican beer cocktail including lime juice and hot chile sauce.
Find out about this common Mexican spice and how to use it.
Mexican Cheeses
Information on different varieties of Mexican cheeses, including fresh cheese and melting cheese.
Huitlacoche (Cuitlacoche)
A description of this unique corn fungus ingredient.
Pan Dulce
A chewy, lightly sweetened Mexican bread topped with a sweet, decorative topping.
Cinco de Mayo Menu Ideas
A couple of different ideas of Mexican menu examples for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta.
Flour Tortilla
Why buy them? You can make them at home for a true authentic taste. Just like fresh bread, they will fill your home with fresh baked aroma. Perfect for tacos and burritos, come check out this recipe!
How to make Pastel de Tres Leches- Tres Leches...
Learn how to make this rich sponge cake soaked in a creamy milk syrup and topped with a vanilla whipped cream with pictures of each step.
Basic Chile Sauce
A simple recipe for a traditional chile sauce. Use red or green chiles depending on the dish you will be using it in or on.
A slow-cooked pork that is shredded or cut into chunks and then fried to give it a crispy outer layer. Great for tacos or tortas.
Chia Fresca
Limonada (lemon and water) with chia seeds make a refreshing drink that also contains protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
How To Fold a Burrito
Burrito Folding 101. It's easier than you think. Find out how to fold a burrito and what to put in it. Never make a bad burrito again. Come check out these techniques and recipes.
Empanadas de la Manzana
A sweet pastry-like snack stuffed with a sweet apple filling.
History of Spanish Rice (Mexican Rice)
Everything you need to know about this popular Mexican side dish, including links to how you can make spanish rice.
Adobo Sauce
A great sauce for simmering beef, chicken or pork. Also used to can chipotle chiles.
Posole (Pozole)
A hearty Mexican soup with pork and hominy. Onions and roasted chiles give this dish an auththentic taste.
Types of Red Chiles
A guide to the most popular varieties of red chiles with descriptions and recipes.
Mexican Recipes for Lent
A selection of recipes appropriate for Catholic lent.
Mexican Rice with Roasted Tomatoes
A delicious and flavorful side dish perfect to accompany any Mexican beef dish.
Hot Salsa
This recipe is extremely hot, yet flavorful. If you can handle the heat, you will be coming back for more.
Seasoned Ground Beef
A quick and easy seasoning great for tacos, burritos, salads and more.
A description and definition of this Mexican sugar
How to Re-Hydrate Chiles
See how each step is done and start using dried chiles in a number of dishes.
A tree that grows in tropical climates which produces a popular Mexican fruit.
Chicken Enchiladas Suiza
This chicken enchiladas are stuffed with green chiles, chicken, spinach and cheese and topped with a creamy white suiza sauce.
Agua de Tamarindo- Tamarind Beverage Using...
Tamarind imparts an earthy and tangy flavor to this traditional beverage. This recipe used the tamarind pods.
A Mexican bread-pudding with apples, raisins and cinnamon.
How to Seed and Dice a Jalapeño or Chile
Learn how to easily remove seeds from a chile and then dice it.
Dia de los Muertos "Day of the Dead"
Learn more about this bright and festive holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico. find out about customs, traditions and recipes for Dia de los Muertos.
How to make Refried Beans
Learn how to make refried beans (frijoles refritos) with pictures and instructions for each step.
Achiote Paste
A paste made from achiote seeds that is used to flavor many Mexican dishes.
Alternate Burrito Folding
This is similar to the standard way of folding a burrito, but one extra fold ensures your fillings stay tucked where they should be.
Arroz con Pollo
A classic Mexican dish of chicken and rice.
Ingredients Used in Mexican Food
How do you get that authentic Mexican flavor in your meal? By using the right ingredients, of course. Read about ingredients commonly used in Mexican cuisine and try one of the recipes.
All-Purpose Mexican Seasoning Mix
Delicious and zesty, it makes a perfect seasoning for all meats or anywhere that you want that authentic Mexican flavor.
Roasted Green Chiles
Chiles are a Mexican food staple. Here’s a guide to how to make roasted green chiles that you can use in other recipes.
Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cool Drinks for Summer
Cool off with one of these delicious drinks.
Prickly Pear- Cactus Fruit
Cactus and their fruits are a large part of Mexican cuisine. The wide, flat cactus pads ("nopales") are
Veracruz Sauce
A deliciously spicy and tangy sauce that melds the flavors of old Mexico with the flavors of olive oil, capers, and olives. Serve over fish or chicken.
Cinco de Mayo
A history of the holiday complete with authentic recipes.
Cilantro Dressing
Liven up your usual side salad with this kick of flavor.
I've seen "chile," "chili" and "chilli." Do...
Ever wonder what the correct spelling of this Mexican staple is?
A great bread for making tortas, or mexican sandwiches. Crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Serve fresh out of the oven for maximum flavor and freshness.
Step-By-Step Corn Tortillas without a Tortilla...
Learn how to make home-made corn tortillas. They are soft, pliable and more flavorful than the store-bought versions.
Sugar Skull History- Dia de los Muertos
Find out about the history of Sugar Skulls which are considered Mexican folk art.
Pollo Verde- Green Chile Chicken
This chicken dish is so easy you can assemble it in just seconds and bake it for 45 minutes.
How to use Piloncillo
Unlike brown sugar which sometimes is made by coating refined white sugar with molasses, Piloncillo is pure sugar with no additives.
A traditional Mexican drink for all ages. A milky looking beverage made with rice and flavored with
Machaca Con Huevos
A recipe for a hearty breakfast including meat and eggs will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.
Sugar Skulls- How to make Sugar Skulls...
If you've ever wanted to know how to make those unique Mexican Sugar Skulls, you can learn how with this picture tutorial that shows you each step to making sugar skulls.
Empanada Dough
A flaky crispy crust is necessary for a great empanada. Try this recipe for great results.
Pescado a la Veracruzana- White Fish in a...
Flaky, white fish simmered in a Veracruz style sauce with capers and green olives.
A cheesy, crunchy snack or meal sure to satisfy your cravings.
Spicy Mexican Rice
This rice is hot and spicy and will add a kick to your meal.
Low-Carb and Mexican Cuisine
Whether you're new to low-carbing or a veteran, you'll enjoy these low-carb recipes and tips for eating out at your favorite Mexican restaurant.
Refreshing Lime Margaritas
Once you make this fresh and flavorful margarita you'll never go back to store-bought mix again! Enjoy the flavors of lime and tequila in this super cool summer refresher.
Pinto Beans- A Basic Recipe
Pinto beans are a delicious and hearty side dish that goes perfectly with Northern Mexican dishes.
Easy Breakfast Burrito
The simple flavors in this breakfast burrito are just enough to wake up your taste buds and it's filling enough to last you through lunchtime.
Mango Salsa - Taste the Tropical Side of Mexico!
Maybe you've heard of this unique salsa or you've already tried it. Mango salsa is the perfect summer time recipe that can be used as an appetizer, snack or topping.
Mexican Cuisine by Region
Mexican Cuisine broken down by region. Page 3.
Tamale Fillings
Great ideas for filling your tamale. Also includes tamale dough and how to wrap them.
Mexican White Rice
This recipe imparts flavor and aroma to plain white rice. The optional addition of vegetables makes it even more flavorful.
Easy Corn Tortillas
A perfect place for your taco fillings or to accompany your favorite mexican stew or soup such as chile verde or posole.
Seed and Dice a Tomato
Learn how to seed a dice a tomato in one procedure. Your beautifully diced tomatoes will be perfect for salsas and salad toppings.
Aqua Fresca
Refreshing fruit drinks are popular all over Mexico. You can use any fruit you like to flavor it. : 15 
Light and Airy- Tres Leches Cake
A lighter, and less dense version of Tres Leches cake topped with a layer of whipped cream.
Naturally Low Carb
These recipes are already low-carb with no changes needed. Try one for breakfast, lunch or dinner to enjoy the flavors of authentic Mexican Cuisine. Page 2.
How To Wrap Tamales
Making tamales is easy once you get the hang of it. Learn how to wrap and steam tamales with these eight simple steps.
Simple Guacamole
This recipe for guacamole is full of texture and flavor and is a perfect appetizer served with chips.
How To Roast Chiles
Learn how to roast chiles for use in your favorite recipes.
Basic Picadillo
Picadillo is a rich ground beef dish that can be served alone, but is also used as a filling for tamales, empanadas and tacos. Picadillo is enjoyed all over Latin America.
Enchiladas Rancheras
A delicious dish of corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and topped with a savory tomato and chile sauce.
Picadillo- Ground Beef Dish with Tomatoes,...
A delicious and rich dish made with ground beef, tomato sauce, olives and seasonings. Potatoes are often added as well.
Crockpot Mexican Shredded Beef
A succulent slow cooked beef roast seasoned with classic Mexican flavors.
Carne Asada Steaks and Fajitas
Great on the grill as a steak or fajitas.
A translation and definition of this ingredient
Easy Beer Batter Fish Tacos
These crispy fish tacos are so quick and simple to make, you can have them on the table in less than thirty minutes.
Chorizo Recipe- Mexican Chorizo
A well-seasoned Mexican sausage that is made with ground pork.
Learn more about this Mexican cooking utensil and how to prepare it for use.
Mexican Coconut Popsicles
A cool and refreshing popsicle made with coconut.
Mexican Sweets and Desserts
A selection of popular Mexican desserts.
Beef Recipe- Pot Roast Chipotle Beef
A deliciously slow-cooked roast that is fork-tender and bursting with flavor.
Chicken Avocado Soup
A light chicken broth is the perfect compliment to the chunks of chicken and the smooth avocado.
Chia Seeds
Chia seeds were a staple of the native Mexican diet and continue to be a healthy food choice.
A wonderfully rich stew of tripe, hominy and chile. Purported to be a great cure for hangovers.
Mexican Cooking Equipment
Learn about all the unique equipment and utensils used in cooking Mexican food, including tortillero, comal, and cazuelas.
A delicious Mexican sweet potato dish made with honey and butter.
How To Make Nixtamal
Instead of using masa harina, try making corn tortillas and tamale dough using fresh masa.
La Paloma Suprema - Grapefruit Juice and...
This Paloma cocktail uses fresh squeezed grapefruit for a fresh flavor and citrusy tang. Mix with your favorite tequila.
Top Mexican Rice Recipes
Learn how to make Mexican rice with different flavors to go with various main dishes.
Savory Sopes Topping Ideas
A list of delicious toppings for your sopes. Each recipe fills about 40 sopes. Make several different toppings for a variety of sopes appetizers.
Habanero Salsa
Looking for something seriously spicy? Try this blinding-hot Habanero salsa for some intense heat.
Traditional Flan Recipe
This basic flan recipe is baked in one dish and cut into pieces when ready to serve.
Crockpot Green Chile Chicken
Succulent chicken flavored with green chiles and tomatoes.
A thick drink similar to an American hot cereal. It is made with masa and sweetened with cinnamon and brown sugar. Top with fruit.
Introduction to Mexican Food
Learn to cook Mexican style. Check out some brief history of spices, techniques and cooking methods then try a recipe for dinner tonight. You're sure to find what your looking for!
Methods Used in Authentic Mexican Cooking
What a great way to learn about Mexican food. Read about how it has been prepared in the past, to how it is prepared now.
Mexican Omelet
Wondering what to fill your omelet with? Find out here as well as find information how to make an omelet.
How To Find Authentic Ingredients
You don't actually have to travel to Mexico to find all of those unusual ingredients. You may be surprised how easy it is to locate them in your own neighborhood.
How to Fry Cheese
Choose your favorite fresh Mexican Cheese. I prefer Queso Blanco for frying but Queso Fresco will work as well. Remove the cheese from the plastic.
Chicken or Beef Rolled Tacos
An alternative to regular tacos and kids love them.
A lovely chapuline recipe from the state of Oaxaca.
Ranchero Ranch Dressing
A new twist on your standard ranch dressing. A couple of additions to current ranch dressing add new zest to an old favorite.
Chiles En Nogada
Main dish using the Mexican flag for a palette. The green chile represents the green, the walnut sauce represents the white, and the pomegranate on top for the red.
How To Make Candy Skulls
A fun treat to make with your kids or for your next party. They also make great Halloween candy.
Pan de Muerto
This lightly sweet bread is a delicious addition to any Las Dias de Las Muertas (Day of the Dead) offering or celebration.
Top 10 Holiday Recipes
These menu and appetizer ideas are traditional holiday fare in Mexico.
A chilled soup perfect for a warm summer day.
A delicious puff pastry dessert traditionally served with honey for dipping.
Mexican Style Baked Chicken Casserole
This chicken dish is flavored with traditional Mexican seasonings and is easily baked in one dish.

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